Customer Testimonials

I have been using WBmerge for over a year. WBmerge has performed flawlessly. As a consultant,  my work involves consolidating multiple workbooks of data across an enterprise. The software saves time and executes workbook merges fast and effectively. Instead of spending time manually cutting and pasting data, I can select only the fields required and combine data from multiple workbooks in seconds. WBmerge has a template feature so that the setup can be save for future merges. This is especially useful for standard reports and repeatable data collection processes. WBmerge cleverly adds a key field so that various sets of data can still be identified post merge. The software has built-in error checking to verify that the merge completed successfully.  It has become an essential tool for my business.


SR (Feb 4, 2020)



Before WBmerge, I dreaded the task of combining 25 to 100 multi-sheet Excel workbooks each month from my clients.  The process was extremely time consuming, painful and error prone.  With WBmerge I save approximately 12 hours a month, which equates into more time to perform high value work.  WBmerge is a game changer if you have a need to merge Excel workbooks.


JG (Jan 15, 2020)