WBmerge Licensing

How is WBmerge licensed?

WBmerge is offered as an annual (1 year) user subscription license.

There are two (2) subscription options. There is a no charge Basic edition and a fee based Premium edition.

The Basic edition is limited to merging and validating up to 5 Excel workbooks and 5 worksheets, it also excludes all Premium features.

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Is there a free Trial edition of WBmerge?

Yes, we offer a free 14-Day Trial edition of WBmerge. The only restriction is the Trial edition is limited to merging and validating up to 10 Excel workbooks.

Can I upgrade a free Trial edition to a Basic or Premium edition?

Yes, you can upgrade from a Trial edition to a Basic or Premium edition. You must load your new Basic or Premium edition license file then re-start WBmerge.

Can I share, transfer or sell my WBmerge subscription license?

No, your license is assigned to you only and may not be shared, transferred or sold.

Can I use my WBmerge subscription license for commercial use?

Yes, there is no restriction on how you may use your WBmerge subscription license?

What happens when my subscription license expires?

WBmerge will no longer function once your subscription license expires. You may purchase a new WBmerge subscription license and apply it to your installed copy of WBmerge to restore full functionality.

What is your refund policy for a Premium edition subscription?

We ask all prospective customers to first try our free 14-day trial to confirm it both runs properly on their computer and meets their expectations. We cannot offer a refund once a Premium edition subscription license has been created.

How does the purchase process work?

Once you have tried the free 14-day Trial edition and are satisfied with WBmerge, you can either elect to subscribe to the no charge Basic edition or purchase a Premium edition of WBmerge. You can acquire both the Basic and Premium editions from our website.

You will be directed to our secure online store hosted by FastSpring to acquire both a Limited or Premium edition. FastSpring is the reseller of our product and they collect all applicable taxes. FastSpring offers several different payment options. There is no cost for the Basic edition, but you must provide your contact information, so we can send you your custom license file.

After your order is processed, you will receive two (2) emails from FastSpring and one (1) from Workbook Tools. One of the emails from FastSpring will provide instructions on how to download the software and install it. The email from Workbook Tools will contain your personalized license file which you will load to activate your copy of WBmerge.

How many computers can I install WBmerge on?

You may install WBmerge on three (3) computers, which may only be used by you, the licensed user.

How does the renewal process work?

By default, you are opted out of auto-renew at the time of purchase.

You may opt in and have FastSpring save your form of payment and auto-renew your WBmerge subscription in one year.

To opt in to auto-renew, you must check the box next to the words “Securely save payment details for automated subscription renewal” at the time of purchase.

If you are not setup for auto-renew, then you will need to manually renew your WBmerge subscription license.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, please contact sales@workbooktools.com.

Can I upgrade a Basic edition to a Premium edition?

Yes, all you have to do is purchase a Premium edition subscription and install your new license file to your existing copy of WBmerge then re-start WBmerge.