Our Story

Our sister company SoftwareAdvocates, LLC was the genesis for the WBmerge software.  SoftwareAdvocates is a software licensing advisory firm founded in 2012, which works with large volumes of enterprise client data, often contained in Excel workbooks.  SoftwareAdvocates considered Microsoft Power Query, but it does not support merging multiple worksheets, which it required.  After reviewing other software options, it was determined there was not a current software package that met their needs.

Workbook Tools, LLC was created to develop and sell the WBmerge software, separate from SoftwareAdvocates.  Since our first release of WBmerge in January of 2019, we have continued to add new features and capabilities to our software.  We have worked closely with the Microsoft Excel MVP community to create a compelling product.

All software development is done in-house, and we digitally sign all our software for our customer’s safety and security.  Our software will never capture any data or meta-data from our customer’s data, customer data stays with the customer on their computer and never leaves it.

In September of 2019 we released the Workbook Inspector, our first Extra Tool.  Extra Tools provide different functions beyond merging data.  In January of 2020, we released our second Extra Tool, Worksheet Split.

Both SoftwareAdvocates, LLC and Workbook Tools, LLC are owned and operated by John G. Grubb, who spent 15 years with Microsoft and held positions in support, consulting and enterprise sales.

We thank you for stopping by to learn about us!