How to Slice a single Workbook with WBmerge

WBmerge was designed to quickly merge large numbers of Excel workbooks into a single new workbook, but it can also be used to slice data out of a single workbook.

Imagine you have a very large workbook with numerous worksheets and columns and you must share part of that workbook with others inside your company. You could make a copy and delete the unwanted worksheets, then delete the unwanted columns from the remaining worksheets. Doing this manually takes time and introduces the possibility of errors.

Using WBmerge you can simply open your workbook and select the desired worksheets and columns, then create a new merged workbook and send it off.

If you know this is not a one-time request for the data, then save your WBmerge worksheet and column selections to a WBmerge Template for quick re-use next time.

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