Predictable Results Every Time

With WBmerge you can be confident you will get predictable results each time you use it. This is because our software is designed to listen to the user rather than trying to guess what needs to be done. Power Query evaluates what you ask it to do, unless you wish to program it, where WBmerge follows a strict set of rules you control, all without any programming.

If you have like workbooks with a single worksheet and your files have the same structure, then Power Query works well. If you have multi-sheet workbooks or files with different structures, then WBmerge is the clear winner.

In MrExcel’s video highlighting WBmerge, the scenario Bill demonstrates cannot be completed with Power Query, unless you wish to take on programming numerous outer join queries, which is not our idea of being productive.

With support for data headers on different rows and partial column and worksheet matching, WBmerge will make your life better and save you time, all without any programming.

Power without programming is our motto!

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