The Workbook Inspector has Released

Updated: Jan 16

Our primary focus is helping customers save time and reduce errors merging multi-sheet Excel workbooks together, but we also want to provide value beyond merging data only.

We have just released our first Extra Tool, the Workbook Inspector (aka WBinspector). This tool quickly analyzes any .XLSX or .XLSM file and produces a high level report of the following:

  • Workbook Properties

  • Workbook Settings

  • Worksheet Details

  • Named Ranges

  • Pivot Tables

  • Tables

  • VBA Code & References

When new external workbooks arrive in your inbox, you can quickly size them up with the Workbook Inspector.

Effective with Version 3.0.3 released on 1/16/2020, VBA code will not be displayed if the VBA project is "Locked for Viewing".

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