Safety & Security

“Is it Safe?”  This should be the first question you ask before installing any software. 

WBmerge is 100% safe.  All our software development is done in-house in Texas.  We digitally sign every release using our secure code signing certificate issued to Workbook Tools by Sectigo.  Our software download points are secured via HTTPS.  WBmerge will never delete a customer Excel workbook, it will only create new workbooks.  WBmerge will never collect or analyze your data, we respect your privacy.

WBmerge is also available for download from CNET Download, link below.

Many businesses control the software their employees can install, which is a great best practice.  These organizations will normally have a whitelist of software they permit and anything else must go through a formal approval process. 


If you work for a firm like this, then we are happy to speak with your security team or software asset management (SAM) team regarding WBmerge.  We will do our best to help get WBmerge added to your company's list of approved software.  Please send an email to for assistance.

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